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JSC ,,Kodema” undertakes to implement the principles of sustainability in its daily activities and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Main groups of initiatives:

Sustainable products

JSC ,,Kodema” aims to use such raw materials whose suppliers implement the principles of sustainability and circular economy in their activities and actively reduce the negative impact on the environment. The company has included sustainability criteria in its supplier evaluation methodology and conducts annual evaluations.

More information on our key supplier initiatives can be found in the links below:!/sustainable-company

The goal of Kodema is to work only with those suppliers who have publicly declared sustainability goals, measure them and publicize the implemented initiative and achieved results from 2025.

Involvement of employees in initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions and waste

Since 2022, JSC ,,Kodema” has been implementing an initiative where employees work in teams – initiating and implementing sustainability-oriented projects in the company.

The goal is to become CO2 neutral and 0 percent non-recyclable waste generating organization by 2030.

Main activities:

You can find more about our activities and results on our Linkedin account