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Happy employees open windows to a sustainable world

The mission is the meaning of this organization in society, and first of all we aim to make employees happy because:

  • They learn here, do interesting work for them, have the support of their colleagues and feel good because the work culture based on openness, mutual help and respect prevails in the organization.
  • Produces products that are high quality, in demand and contribute to environmental impact by being more energy efficient (less heating/cooling and associated emissions) and durable – lasting 10-20 years, which reduces consumption and associated waste.

The organization also invests in innovative solutions (LEAN, IT, prefab) that optimize resources in window production, customer service, installation and thus reduce the consumption of energy resources and CO2 emissions, respectively.


A strong link in window supply

  • Effective customer service which ensures: a) skilled, resourceful, benevolent and, of course, happy employees; b) innovative IT solutions that enable high-quality and fast processing of orders. Efficient customer service provided by: a) skilled, resourceful, benevolent and of course happy employees; b) innovative IT solutions that enable high-quality and fast processing of orders. Communication with customers is prompt (we always respond within 24 hours); we solve problems quickly and qualitatively (claim solutions within 10 days); we don’t forget to reward customers not only with impeccable work, but also with happy gifts and cool parties .
  • We serve quality products on time. Right first time – on time (RFT-OT)> >97 percent.
  • We offer clients solutions and changes that (1) reduce costs, (2) shorten deadlines and (3) improve quality, clients value this and therefore want to work with us for a long time. We are always better than our competitors in at least two of the three categories.


  • Perseverance
  • We improve together – we look for new knowledge/methods, we apply them in our activities.
  • Freedom to act – employees are actively involved in change discussions and are free to implement their ideas.
  • We are brave – we do not look for the easiest way.